Friday, July 2, 2010

Guess Who

We were on the streets of Defiance earlier this evening and came across this picture in the window of a Latino grocery. I recognized who this was immediately. Do you know who it is?


Jake said...

Martin of Tours of course

Deacon Benjamin Harju said...

Yes, St. Martin of Tours. I am amazed at how big an influence St. Martin has had on Western Christendom. Many know of the story depicted in this street-shop painting, how he came upon a beggar one very cold night (during that time when he was fulfilling his duty to father and country as a soldier). No one showed the man any concern. St. Martin, however, cut his own cloak in half to clothe the poor beggar. This saved the beggar's life, but it also made St. Martin look quite foolish.

I could say that St. Martin has many miracles attributed to him, but I think that would give the impression that his greatness is to be found in some sort of magical "wow" factor. It would be more accurate to say that St. Martin had an astounding way of life, one that is comparable to the great Desert Fathers in quality. The difference between he and they is that St. Martin was a monk who was also a bishop. Though he enjoyed solitude he was not able to abide in it like the Desert Fathers.